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It All Begins with a Hail Mary!

Its the weekend and time for a Weekly Prompts Challenge!

I agree it is too early for Christmas Cards; however my post along with the prompt word “ordinary,” reminds me of a specific card I received years and years ago. This post is not meant to criticize but to explain the Traditional Catholic point of view.

Take the word “ordinary,” a word that offends me; offends because of an experience I had many years ago. Opening my Christmas cards one day, a particular card from a dear Protestant friend, I treasured her friendship and still do.

The card is described with a picture of Baby Jesus in the arm of His Mother. The sentiment described her as being ordinary.

Can anyone imagine an ordinary woman being chosen to carry God within her own body, she is a vessel of God, His tabernacle for nine months. Therefore she must be without sin, and was conceived without sin, she is called the Immaculate Conception. “Not to be confused with another mysterious and miraculous event, the virgin birth of the Lord Jesus, the Immaculate Conception is about how God acted in an extraordinary way in the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary.”

Know that she was not unique by her own choice; of her own accord. God created her this way to be the Mother of God for a particular role. One can not separate God’s natures the human nature, from the Divine nature; they are one.

Of all HIS creations, she is God’s Masterpiece. It was His will He came to us THROUGH HER! She is not an ordinary woman.

Can you imagine a famous artist with his masterpiece of a painting, and people flock to see and say, this is just an ordinary painting, nothing special here? The renowned and well-celebrated artist would be offended by such a remark, and rightly so.  

It All Began with a Hail Mary

3 thoughts on “It All Begins with a Hail Mary!”

  1. I imagine the word ordinary was used as a description of Mary’s physical appearance, ’ nothing to see that would differentiate her from any other young girl of the time.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Myrna.

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