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Coming out of the fog!

Wow-what an experience this has been, one moment I was here, and the next I felt as if I was in the twilight; still not sure what happened to me!

I hope all is well among the WordPress Community!

I know I must have missed participating in the challenges I love, reading.

This Covid 19 is very strange, it has a personality of its own. I know I was in the hospital, not fighting for my life but my sanity.

I will admit I had some strange experiences most of which I could describe as “supernatural, as my memory comes back to me I will try to share a little of what happened to me. All I can say right now is the world seems to be a stranger to me, I will pray for all of you ā€” please pray I will come out of this foggy place.

4 thoughts on “Coming out of the fog!”

  1. Covid is a life changer. I know because I have been there. The mind fog does SLOWLY go away. Recovery will happen for the most part, but be patient and gentle with yourself. It’s a long haul, but good days are coming šŸ˜€

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  2. I am glad you are well again. I had Covid about 6 weeks ago, but I did not go to the hospital. I like your description of this as fighting more for one’s “sanity” than for one’s life. That seems a good description of my experience as well although it may not have been as severe for me since I wasn’t in the hospital. May God bless you, Myrna!

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