The Million-Dollar Question

Yes, I was born in Chicago, so this quote speaks to me. “I’ll always identify as a Chicagoan; if it wasn’t so cold, I’d be there forever. Amy Landecker

and also this strange but true happening, as I cuddled deep within my blankets, escaping from the cold night …

I had a dream; Is my dream worth the few moments it will take you to read it? In my dream the message; that we are not all, but most are missing the essential prompt, a word which means LIFE ITSELF. (worth repeating) The purpose of LIFE ITSELF. 

IT IS TRUE …We may not have as much time left as we think; what we do today will open or close the door for eternity, forever. People constantly wane into tomorrow.
Pride! The Word I dreamt about, a prompt, is NOT PRIDE but FORGIVENESS. Pride stands in the way of forgiveness. That certain someone, someone you love very much, but that person looks like PRIDE at this moment. Standing there preventing you from being the BETTER PERSON.

YET, we all expect it, boast of it and worse is we rely on it count on it as IF IT is OURS to TAKE.

Here is that million-dollar question, ARE WE READY TO GIVE IT?


5 thoughts on “The Million-Dollar Question”

  1. You are probably right, Manja, I did misunderstand that your point was forgiving. I guess I was trying to relate it to cold. A non-forgiving person is very cold, BTW. I don’t have anyone in my life right now who is annoying me to the point they are an obstacle and need forgiveness for me to move on. I did while my father was alive, but that forgiveness happened so long ago that it no longer stands in my way. I also had some people like that when I worked, but again, those times are long gone. I guess if there is someone I need to forgive or who needs to forgive me, He will show me. 🙂


  2. Hi Manja, I am a Hoosier from Indianapolis, and only to happy to have escaped the heat and the cold there. Your question really relates to what keeps us warm. Without life we are cold. We all must face the final cold, of course, unless like Elijah we can just walk with God and are here no more. Most of us are not going to go that way. I, too, believe that our faith in God, not only keeps us warm and safe, protected under his wing, but it provides a passage for our spirit to be with him forever. I appreciate life so much after nearly loosing it nearly two months ago. He has allowed me to regain my health and continue living here. I am very grateful for that opportunity. Thanks for joining in, Manja. 🙂


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