Only 6Sentence

Our Family loves Cranberry Sauce with Turkey

Doesn’t yours!

Continued from

GirlieOnTheEdge Denise Farley’s six-sentence-stories icon with the help of a prompt word LOST! Six-Sentence


“Okay, let’s stick together; tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we must quickly pick up these last-minute items on the list, like the cranberries; we can’t have Thanksgiving without the cranberries. Oh there, I see … “oh! excuse me, sir ( gently bumping into another shopper) I was about to grab that last can.
“Sorry, I saw it first; ask the clerk there; maybe they have more in the back.”
“Sorry, everything we have is already out; try the store down the street.”
“Okay, let’s go, find Brandon; he’s lost again.”
“Do we have to — find him — that is?”

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