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Sure I’ll Share my Views

You may not like them, but my conscience is a peace. What are your views shared here!

What is your opinion of the state of health care in your country? Adequate or inadequate? What could be done to improve it

My opinion is it is going into a slippery downhill; today, more than ever we have to take matters into our own hands by learning how to stay healthy. 

To improve it, the people must vote for honest politicians, people who care about their own families, which will result in caring for others.

What are two words that describe you best?

 Love of my Faith without compromise, and I am a creative person.

Do you have a morning routine? If so, what it’s like?

Talking to God, praying my rosary, planning what duties I have to do this day, and doing them. I enjoy picking out a challenge or two, but no more than that, I have a busy life beyond my BLOG. 

What’s something that really makes your blood race? 

Sexual abuse of children and mothers who DEFEND To kill their own, (abortion).  

However, I do believe there is no sin greater than the mercy of God (WHEN SORRY.)

Do you enjoy singing festive songs during *insert festive celebration that you observe to replace “Christmas” if it’s not relevant to you * Christmas carols or songs?

I love Christmas and wonder at the power of God; only He can bless all! AS He inspires even atheists, or those of other faiths, as we celebrate the Birth of Christ by our decorations, songs, spreading Christmas joy and cheer.

No matter what they call it, it is Christmas!

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