Why I love my home!  Fandango’s Provocative Question


Why I love my home is because it represents my life.
When my husband and I married, we started with nothing.
Our first place was a basement apartment; my husband sat down and figured out a budget based on his salary; which we stayed on for many years. Finally came the day we purchased our first home.
As our family grew, we sold the first home, purchased a second home. He retired, we moved again to a rural area where my husband designed our last home.
This last home is where I am living presently, it has many stairs of which I love since I am blessed with Peripheral Neuropathy; climbing stairs is an exercise that keeps me walking.
I am reminded I wrote a poem about my condition, my first publication printed in a book about Invisible Illness. The poem was meant to be humorous but true. I will mention it; perhaps it may bring a smile to some reading here.

Wobbly plus dizzy
Don’t appear to be sickly
You may think of me as tipsy
Unsteady me? I stumble and sway
You might even see me laughing some days
Catch me teeter-totter —spinning dancing away!
Where are my feet?
Walking down the street
Just a little bit offbeat!
But please, I can’t walk a straight line
Notice again how I look just fine
And No, I did not take that glass of wine.

Getting back to my home, I love it!
I love it because it reminds me of my husband who has passed away nine years ago. It was his design a great design, except for one point; I wish the metal roof was placed differently. So the snow when falling, will not fall just above the back door as it often does.
But nothing is ever perfect, is it?

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