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Who do you think is an example of a successful person?

Someone who believes in God and, more importantly, obeys Him. 
One particular saint often said "There is only one tragedy in life, and that is to lose your soul."

Why are you doing what you're currently doing?  (take this in any context you like, either as a "what you're doing RIGHT NOW THIS SECOND" or "what you're doing in your life at this point" or any other way that occurs to you.  The question is a bit ambiguous..)

I am trying to wake up!  First, I made a cup of coffee, sat down, and sip, the coffee while talking to God about my day.  After my coffee, I pray my rosary, shower take care of my personal needs.  Sometimes I eat, sometimes I don't.  Check my email and ask Blessed Mother to inspire me to write well what she wants me to tell.  Sometimes she answers me with inspiration, sometimes she is silent.  Next I get on with my day, i.e. housework, rest, errands, rest, prepare meals, rest again, no I am not lazy just old.  We elders need to rest in-between activities.  I like to blog beause it exercises my brain then I rest while I read other blogs.     

What is your personal theme song?
Waking up is hard to do ♫   See below or listen below!

What do you think about tofu?
I hate anything artificial, including imitation sugar!

2 thoughts on “Sharing”

  1. Thanks, Myrna, for Sharing Your World. A little post of faith is always a good way to start your week (and day)! You’ve done that well, and added a dash of humor with the song! Good answers to all the questions too! I hope you have a very good week!


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