Borrowed means we must give it back

Today I take the challenge from letitbleed — the prompt word is LIFE.

My story is about what I am doing lately, and that is my life.


I usually don't write too much about my personal life unless I think my life experience will help another person.
I recently started watching a series of videos about a Catholic Saint, wishing I could be that good.  Knowing that we can only be favored according to how much God gives us His grace.  "But by the grace of God, I am what I am;  1 Corinthians 15;10)   Or "And do not forget to do good, and to impart; for by such sacrifices God's favor is obtained." Hebrews 13:16)  This series was inspirational with many profound statements; this particular one has been constantly on my mind.
To set the stage a little, imagine a religious family living in the mid-1800s.

During their life (as no doubt all our lives,) they/we suffered through several loved ones' deaths.  (Watching the grieving families brought memories to mind.)

Back to the video:    The elderly grandmother trying to console her family while languishing in their tears of several recent setbacks.  Through  the elderly woman's wisdom, she said to them, "Everything we have in life is borrowed, and someday we have to give it all back."

Don't you see the wisdom in those words?  It reminds me of my daughter she lost her son (over twenty years ago)  when he was only three years old, I remember soon after his death I was speaking to her about him, and she said,  "I feel that he was lent to me for just a little while, and I had to give him back."

P.S.  I just noticed this challenge is almost two years old.  Found the link on CEE's challenge page.  Oooopsie! 

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