ONL a Blackout Poem

Below is an interesting a poem different as explained. Posted again for dVerse ONL

My original posting can be found here — https://myforever.blog/2021/08/03/found-poetry-i-found-it/

A blackout poem begins with an existing text, usually a newspaper. The writer blots out most of the page using a heavy black marker. The remaining words are not moved or rearranged. Fixed in place, they float in a sea of darkness. The contrast of black and white stirs thoughts of censorship and secrecy. What’s hiding behind the headlines of our daily paper? What does the highlighted text reveal about politics and world events?

Redacting words to create a new work goes back centuries. Still, the process became trendy when writer and artist Austin Kleon posted newspaper blackout poems online and then published his book and companion blog, Newspaper Blackout.

Evocative and dramatic, blackout poems retain the original typography and word placement. Some artists add graphic designs, while others let the stark words stand independently.

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