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Zip it up! Be Happy! Dance!

For the benefit of Carrot Ranch, an inspiration.

A 99-Word True Story to be told!


Waking up today, a little sad remembering Valentine's Day,  I would find a big box of candy, but he is gone now, living still but high in the heavens;  looking for something to cheer me, I found *   cherished happiness right here on UTube.  Music meant for me!

It's called "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah."  Even that title of song frolics with joy, don't you agree?  It speaks of a Wonderful day with a Bluebird on our shoulder.  The song goes on to say that everything is satisfaction!  There is plenty of Sunshine, and we all need that to melt the Winter away.   ♫

*Cherished Word of the Day Challenge linked above

8 thoughts on “Zip it up! Be Happy! Dance!”

        1. Thanks for that! It is just me, ever since I was a child I could not understand racial prejudice I still remember arguing with my father at an early age about such. To this day, it makes no sense to me, although I am staunch conservative as you know, I suppose I am prejudiced against staunch liberalism.

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          1. What can be complicated about prejudice are the things that become societal norms without us thinking about the impact on people outside our sphere of experience. Isn’t conservatism about upholding faith and values? Nothing wrong with that! But living up to our faith and values also means recognizing that prejudice can lurk in unexpected places. It’s how we all grow and live those values.

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