Lucky Dip, Weekly Prompt

Brain Exercise, challenge, I dare you!

This one is what I call a real challenge if ever there was one!

At least for me, it challenged my brain, what an exercise!

Lucky Dip – Saturday Mix, 26 March 2022, has reached into the… mystery bag and pulled out a Palindrome!

What is a mirror, a reflection, RIGHT! That is what a Palindrome IS! If interested please go to this link for details.

My attempt is sort of a poem that mirrors, in other words forward and backward it means the same thing. When I say attempt, I mean it! Also don’t forget the prompt is Mother the theme of my write below.

A mirror of
Mothers need
Love to care
For children; want mother.
Fulfillment required —
For happy families
Complete neverending!
Strong &  sturdy all day long;
She works and plays,
Never complains.
Her energy is love
Love is life!
Mother and wife she is.
Yes to both; is answer.


Answer is both — to yes!
Is she wife and mother?
Life is love.
Love is energy!
Complains never,
Plays and works;
Long day all sturdy & strong
Neverending — complete!
Families happy for
Required fulfillment!
Mother want children for
Care — to Love!
Need Mothers.

6 thoughts on “Brain Exercise, challenge, I dare you!”

      1. I tried my hand at writing one a few years back, but a few of the lines didn’t read that well forwards and backwards. It was a bit long-ish though. It’s mostly palindrome. 😀


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