Ah! Another Challenge, Whatsoever IS

Prompt for the Letter “B”

Try this prompt, its fun click here to participate HERE


Years ago I did a series of drawings/paintings of bees, which I put into a story for my grandchildren; which was inspired by these bumblebees living in my garden at that time.

Today the prompt is for the LETTER ‘B’. Please be kind to my creation I humbly show off along with the suggested rules from the prompt; Place, Emotion, Adjective, Verb, and animal/insect as seen below the above image.

Backyard beauties birds 
 and Bees buzzing cheerfully
All brave and busy
All-day long
 doing what they are 
Created to do
Praising God and mankind too!

What can be more lovely than a bumblebee, I submit my image for WhatSoEver is Lovely

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