2000 Mules, have you seen it?!

Hi everyone, I am still here, but my life has been taking much of my thoughts, along with my precious time.

Today I am gifted with two precious new baby boys, born ten days apart; looking at their darling faces, fingers, and toes makes me wonder how anyone could dare to destroy their lives at any time.
Tomorrow is Pentecost Sunday, a very holy day for Traditional Catholics and should be for everyone worldwide. What a wonderful world this would be if we all recognized the truth of God. Yes, my life, for some reason, has taken what seems to be a turn; I feel as if God is trying to get my attention. I need silence at this time! That is when I hear His voice.

I found this email in my email box. At first, I ignored it and did not want to watch it, but something kept nagging me, so I watched and said I don’t know what to think. It is hard for me to believe we who live in America have slipped this far and are soon living without freedom. I have always been grateful for freedom, but what can we expect when the world wants God out!

If any of the readers are curious enough to watch this link, a link that is hard to find, one of those that “they” will deny repeatedly, makes me wonder if it is true.

3 thoughts on “2000 Mules, have you seen it?!”

  1. Yes my husband and I watched it and it made me sick to actually see all the corruption and then to see the Democrats aren’t even taking it serious. It’s upsetting to see what is happening to our great nation. I’m grieving.


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