Bottoms Up! At  MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie

What a challenge looking at this “wonky” image; this is what came to my “P” brain looking at the image below. See my verse down under.

I wonder now what YOU would create, – join HERE!

Bottoms Up

Does the world seem wonky?
If not, why not?
When will it end?  Or should we 
Stand together on our heads.
A man, a woman, or boy, a girl.
At best, we will laugh together.
At worst, a headache, ouch!
Upside down or bottoms up?

The bottom not so good
We laugh, trying not to cry!
What will tomorrow bring?
Remembering upright.
A day when we were not
Uptight: young girls' dreams
Of a picket fence, a knight
In shining armor.  

When  little boys were
Made of puppy-dog tails;
Little girls were sugar and spice
The world was oh so nice.  

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