true story

Stuck in an Elevator

Again, I write about an experience that happened to me about ten years ago—living in Spokane! Where I accept the teachings of Christ and practice devoted ancient worship at Mount St. Michael, an old historic building high on a hill that overlooks Spokane; here is an image of it.

Photo by Rene Ochoa

The chapel where Mass is offered in that castle-like building happens on the second floor; many elderly avoid the long walk up the stairs and opt to take the elevator. One day my daughter’s mother-in-law and I were in the elevator riding down to the main floor where our family was waiting for us; they took the steps.

The elevator came down, but the doors would not open; we waited and heard our family members through the door speaking/laughing while waiting for us, we were so close, but far away, it seemed. On our side, a little fear started to develop within the two of us. I decided to call my daughter with my cell phone and told her we were in the elevator, but the doors will not open. We both heard her, with a panic-stricken voice, speak to her husband standing nearby, “our mothers are stuck in the elevator!”

They called the priest, and his voice sounded upset and alarmed. Now panic was on the other side of the door; we could listen to them all, no more laughing, just speaking “what to do.” All this was happening within a 15, minute time frame.

Suddenly I felt the elevator jolt; it started to move down; down to the basement, the door opened, and we both walked out quickly into the basement.

Can you imagine how our loved ones felt when the elevator rose to the main floor, when the doors opened, and we were gone. Remember, our family members, including the priest and other onlookers, were unaware that the elevator had started up and emptied us at the basement floor. They were all too busy thinking about the situation.

“Where are they?” We could hear their chatter as we walked up the steps to the main floor, hearing them gasp and wonder about where we possibly had gone. That entire experience (now that it is over) seems comical to me, and I still giggle about it today!

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