Only 6Sentence, Photo Challenge

Please Follow the Rules

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

Photo Prompt by RochelleWisoff Plus Only Six Sentence story

“Hey Buddy, how do we get up to that abandoned castle-like structure up there?”

“Not by driving on the sidewalk; follow the rules and; follow that path just beyond that next curve.”

“But that pathway takes you down, not up.”

They believe they are going up, surprise surprise, when they refuse to obey the rules. This is why it is called the pathway to Hell! It is the most straightforward way.”


IT’S ALIVE! This 1st day of August

I really want to know what do YOU see @ WDYS

Don’t you just hate that writers’ and painters’ block?
Staring at that blank canvas, oh me, oh my! Not my day!
Suddenly an idea!
ExCITedLy I reach for my brushes and paints.
Dip and dap into the vivid colors and my canvas becomes alive!
I love today!

It’s Alive!