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God gives us our heart’s desire, so be careful what you desire.
Dream or nightmare Heaven or Hell whatever the message is clear and it happened to me. One of those dreams you can’t forget; unlike others, you can’t remember.
As a young girl, and like most, I was way too vain. Thinking about how I looked was over the top. Just the money alone was more than I should have spent on junk cosmetics, hair enhancements, clothes and whatever the fad was that day.

My ordeal was seeing that I just died, and my guardian angel came and brought me to the feet of Jesus who looked lovingly into my eyes. We were standing on a high hill, and Jesus pointed out to me this huge mansion, it appeared to be the grandest building that towered over all the other villas in the town. He commanded my angel to escort me there, for I knew in my thoughts that this was going to be my home forever. In this fantasy, I was thinking, wow, what did I ever do to deserve such a fantastic place to call my own. As my guardian angel brought me closer, to the spot where my eternal home was, I became thrilled. We stopped at the door, and the angel took out the key, opened the door, and I went in. The door closed behind me, and I realized I was all alone and locked inside. The first thing I noticed was the walls, absent of any windows instead they were solid and all mirrored, the floor was nothing but a reflection of myself, as was the ceiling above, the entire room was just a box surrounded with mirrors.
I could not get out ever; I could not see outside because there was no other way out and the only entrance was locked.

God gives us what we desire, always.