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I started to paint again!

The world is a little crazy these days; perhaps God is near the end of His patience if that could be possible.

“Cast me not off in the time of old age: when my strength shall fail, do not thou forsake me.” Psalm 70-9

This past week I have had two great distractions, so I haven’t posted much. I ordered my own Haydock Bible, Douay Rheims, with commentary of Haydock. I purchased mine from Refuge of Sinners Publishing for $130.00 @ 812-967-2531, or you can get it from Amazon here Haydock Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible: Rev. George Haydock: 9781622920587: Amazon.com: Books

It is beautiful to have a commentary from the Early Fathers of the Church.

I am enjoying my time reading it!

Also, lately perhaps because of the situations with the world, looking at my religious pictures from the internet and books, I never noticed before. Still, recently I noticed that the images of Jesus and Mary are so serious and should be. Yet I desired to see at least the Mother of God smile at me; I searched and searched but could not find one. Some I found were almost a smile when she is pictured holding her Divine Son, Jesus. 

I haven’t touched my watercolor paints in years, but I decided to paint a picture of her smiling at me, as you guessed. My paints were all dried up, and I had to soak them in water, find my brushes & paper, and find a frame; I prayed for help because of old shaky hands belonging to me! This project kept me out of trouble last week since I could think of nothing else.

Even with God’s help, I discovered this was the best I could do, but at least she is smiling at me! 

She hangs near the entrance into my humble home; for all who enter, she smiles at them too! 

I pity those who ignore her, for she magnifies her Son; they miss so much, perhaps in time. Luke 1-46 “And Mary said: My soul doth magnify the Lord.” 

Luke 1- 46
Just Because

Fandango’s Provocative Question #FPQ

He asks: What are your primary sources for news these days? Are you confident that your sources present the news accurately, fairly, and without bias? Or have you given up trying to keep up with the news anymore?

Try: https://www.brighteon.com/



Have a Blessed Day everyone!


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Is the new UP really DOWN

We live in an upside-down world today, or am I standing on my head?
Nothing seems normal when standing on your head; try it!
Upside down; is said to be ...
up = down while down = up, you see!
Everything that was once considered good is now wrong.
It is popular for adults to wonder if they are men or women and, so COOL, to change their sons or daughters to whatever they are NOT!  Heaven forbid you to use pronouns as she or he an offense that will soon end you in jail.
Everyone is labeled racist to the point the word itself has lost all meaning. 

Now for the mask, that latest IS
Last year, we were told to wear a mask to protect others. Yet, today, when the vaccinated now no longer a danger to others continue to wear them!  Hmmm ...  pointing their fingers (think of others they claimed).  Proving Others = SELF!

Upside down; is said to be
up = down while down = up, you see!
Round is square declared everywhere
Sad makes one laugh; the whole is only half
Hot is cold, as ice on fire
Success defined; one great liar!


This is what happens when the powers that be are allowed to remove God; He gives us what they want. Pray as you have never in your life prayed before.

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My REPOST of the week on Targeted Traffic HOW TO

Found this in my email today, just passing it along to interested readers here.

“Get more targeted traffic from social media?

A deep dive to find all the patterns in social media influencers.

One thing that stuck out was they were all using a smart bio link.

You see most social media platforms limit you to only one link in your profile.

With a smarter bio link page, you can send traffic to multiple pages”

Click here to see how to!

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The World Today in the form of a letter


If you haven’t heard of these letters; you will do yourself a favor and learn something today!

This particular letter was published here today: https://fromrome.info/2021/02/22/we-are-living-in-a-screwtape-letter-by-c-s-lewis/

It describes our WORLD TODAY: Uncanny as it is!

C.S. Lewis wrote these words in his book “The Screwtape Letters” nearly 79 years ago. Amazing how this could have been written today:
′′One young devil asked the old man: “How did you manage to bring so many souls to hell?” The old devil answered: “I instilled fear in them!” Answers the youngster: “Great job!
And what were they afraid of? Wars? Hunger?” Answers the man: “No, they were afraid of the disease!” For this youngster: “Does this mean they didn’t get sick? Are they not dead? There was no rescue for them?”
The old man answered: “but no . . . they got sick, died, and the rescue was there.” The young devil, surprised, answered: “Then I don’t understand???” The old man answered: “You know they believed the only thing they have to keep at any cost is their lives.
They stopped hugging, greeting each other. They’ve moved away from each other. They gave up all social contacts and everything that was human! Later they ran out of money, lost their jobs, but that was their choice because they were afraid for their lives, that’s why they quit their jobs without even having bread.
They believed blindly everything they heard and read in the papers.
They gave up their freedoms, they didn’t leave their own homes literally anywhere. They stopped visiting family and friends.
The world turned into such a concentration camp, without forcing them into captivity.
They accepted everything!!!
Just to live at least one more miserable day . . . And so living, they died every day!!! And that’s how it was very easy for me to take their miserable souls to hell….. ′′

C.S. Lewis in 1942 – Old Devil’s Letters To Young

Just Because

Did You Know

Valentine’s Day is a Catholic Saint’s Feast Day, known as St. Valentine

Valentine’s Day is ALMOST HERE!

My favorite SECULAR quote on the theme LOVE “You always hurt the one you love.” by Allan Roberts also a very popular song with the same words for the Title.

My favorite supernatural quote has to be.
“Let us therefore love God, because God first hath loved us.” 1John 4:19

Love, love and love!