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How Would I Know!

For this week’s Lucky Dip, says she reached into her mystery bag and pulled out a Didactic Poem – What! You say what is that? Didactic Poetry is a form of poetry intended for instruction such as for knowledge or to teach.

My attempt is seen below; I wrote it with five-syllable ease-to-flow lines. Titled; FAITH

Do you know — I do!
How does God answer?
How do I know this
His Church tells me so!

Through His suffering
Merits fill the brim
Treasury the Church
His Church —always true.

Almighty Supreme
Great God could have winked!
To save us all —Yet!
Would you have cared? — No!

His torture —The Price.
His wealth — eternal.
Waits for you to draw
From His treasury!

A Divine merit
Never-ending, FREE!
His merits circling
Over and beyond!

His worth forever.
Whirls the world; passion
Infinite!  Complete
Please ask to receive.

Word Prompt is “GREAT”


Lucky Dip, poetry

The Youth and Senior Citizens

Writing a poem in the Villanelle poetry form, at least for me, was a brain exercise.  Yet, I need  a brain workout today!   
Mindlovemiserymenagerie posted instructions on how to write a Villanelle.
A Villanelle is a nineteen-line poem consisting of a very specific rhyming scheme: aba aba aba aba aba abaa.
The first and the third lines in the first stanza are repeated in alternating order throughout the poem, and appear together in the last couplet (last two lines).   You can read a great example on their post by clicking here.

My humble attempt can be read below.
I was hoping to express how those of us who are considered to be SEPTUAGENARIAN OR OLDER really feel inside our souls.  

The youth will never engage   
That our souls will never get old
Upon arriving at old age

Inside — Seniors feel caged
The aged will uphold
The youth will never engage

We old citizens feel as if onstage
Not at all controlled
Upon arriving at old age

We imagine; deem not changed
We can dance and feel quite bold
The youth will never engage

Our thinking never disengaged
We are as if thirty-three years yet untold
Upon arriving at old age

The truth of the soul will never assuage
To one who hasn't reached what fate molds
The youth will never engage
Upon arriving at old age   

Lucky Dip, Weekly Prompt

Brain Exercise, challenge, I dare you!

This one is what I call a real challenge if ever there was one!

At least for me, it challenged my brain, what an exercise!

Lucky Dip – Saturday Mix, 26 March 2022, has reached into the… mystery bag and pulled out a Palindrome!

What is a mirror, a reflection, RIGHT! That is what a Palindrome IS! If interested please go to this link for details.

My attempt is sort of a poem that mirrors, in other words forward and backward it means the same thing. When I say attempt, I mean it! Also don’t forget weeklyprompt.com the prompt is Mother the theme of my write below.

A mirror of
Mothers need
Love to care
For children; want mother.
Fulfillment required —
For happy families
Complete neverending!
Strong &  sturdy all day long;
She works and plays,
Never complains.
Her energy is love
Love is life!
Mother and wife she is.
Yes to both; is answer.


Answer is both — to yes!
Is she wife and mother?
Life is love.
Love is energy!
Complains never,
Plays and works;
Long day all sturdy & strong
Neverending — complete!
Families happy for
Required fulfillment!
Mother want children for
Care — to Love!
Need Mothers.