The Mystery of …

FOREVER AND Why is it that forever has no end? The Divine Mysteries, when looking deeply into these holy events, we experience the super with the natural and arrive at the Supernatural.

A love based on doctrinal principles. The meditations and prayers are both Biblical, and Apostolic; is it any wonder it’s a masterpiece of expression just as Blessed Mother is a masterpiece of God’s creation.

The rosary convincingly defines the word “Church.” By the Catholic description of “Church,” the communion of saints consists of the Church Militant, the Church Suffering, and the Church Triumphant.

Joyful Mysteries inspires us about life, as we fight to reach our goal which is Heaven. We call it The Church Militant.

Sorrowful Mysteries we meditate on Our Lords Suffering. Just think, He died that we may live. The Church Suffering as the souls suffering in Purgatory.

Glorious Mysteries raise our minds to Heaven; we are triumphant when we reach that goal. Our purpose in life, to be with God forever. The Church Triumphant!

MyForeverF___She, the Blessed Mother wants us to walk with her daily through the meditations as if on a journey. By closing our eyes and placing ourselves in the presence of a beautiful, girl named Mary.

We begin!
We kiss the crucifix; it reminds us again of how Jesus died for us that we might live. The onset of the rosary consists of the Our Father, a prayer composed by Jesus, Three Hail Marys, reminding us of the Trinity. Next, we praise the Divine Majesty with a Glory Be to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Think of this beginning short part of the rosary as our beginning, our lifespan, no matter how long it will be too short. Yes, short compared to eternity. Although we read in Genesis 5:5 that Adam lived 930 years, and then he died. In relation to eternity “so little time.”
As we continue praying the rosary, we find ourselves within the ring of beads, and just as a circle has no end, so it will be with our eternity “Our Forever.” Forever has no end.