Reena’s Xploration

Past, Present and Future

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #241

A single-line prompt for this week – The only ghost that scares is a past version of you. OR SHOULD I SAY Me!

Write whatever pops up in mind.

What pops into my mind is not you but me!

When I look into my magic mirror into the past, I see myself being deceived.
"Me!  Deceived?  me What PRIDE! 

The devel can certainly deceive, IT is clever that way.  But, I was so happy, carefree, young, and healthy that everything was going my way!  So I thought! 
No, I do not want to visit that ghost, myself!

My problem was allowing myself to put my will above the will of God.  AND It was all my fault;  (I knew better). 

Yet,  I blamed it on the changes within the Catholic Church, how it became more and more adapted to the world, and I went along with it.  It became and IS no more than a religion founded by man, not God.  The Faith that I learned no longer existed.  Same buildings but different theology after 1969.  

One day, however, while clearing unnecessary things out of the house, I came across a shoe box filled with trinkets and "stuff," there, I found my rosary and scapular all tangled up at the bottom of the box.  I still remember untangling them and thinking, I am supposed to be wearing my scapular and praying my rosary.   Suddenly things didn't look so "everything was going my way."  I knew that I was no longer living the will of God but my own choice.  I was on the path of perdition. 

Some Christians even today believe that they are automatically "saved."  The Waterdown new catholic church taught it, and I thought I was happy believing it!  No need anymore to be sorry or confess your sins to a priest; they are automatically forgiven.  So said the new religion, and so says the evil one, believe, and you are saved.   

This all happened to me as I held my scapular and rosary in my hand.

I began that day to pray!  After I began on the right path in time, my unbelieving husband found a Traditional Catholic church for me.  As God promised, even the Gates of Hell will never prevail against it, just smaller now.  

Oh, my husband after, many years later, he passed away, also became a Traditional Catholic;  a Traditional priest by his side, giving him the sacraments of the Church.  Who said God does not hear us or reward us! 

Visit that ghost, NEVER !