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The opposite of Hope is Despair! Today so many of us live on fear, which is one of the ploys of communism. What do we have today, FEAR! DESPAIR, no HOPE for the future. We tend to believe what we hear and what we hear is what the New World Order wants YOU to hear, which is why you already see so much censorship. Another tactic of communism.
Beginning with … “that’s not a ‘politically correct’ jingle.” Surrender of Freedom of speech!
That’s what comes with the New World Order. We live in a time where those who hate conservativeness; those who live with this hate. Hate another point of view, hate God, desire only a world without God.

Perhaps we are getting very close to sliding down that slippery slope but into what? The world, the Church both seem to be sliding together into the mud. Yes, we have God’s promise He will always be with us. However, He never intended for us to seek a modern religion that suits our lifestyle.
If you research while going back in time, those who seek God should know that when Jesus was on earth, He said when He returns would He find FAITH upon the earth. Speaking of the Church, He founded. “But yet the Son of man, when He cometh, (Second Coming) shall He find, think you, faith on earth?” Luke 18:8
Today, the Roman Catholic Church is in apostasy (Look at what the so-called pope is saying these days.) There is still a remnant, pockets of Traditional Catholics all over the world. Click to search

Ignore the communist tricks to imprison you; fear them NOT. Vote your conscience and, above all, PRAY for Godly ORDER!

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Villanelle Poetry —A View of Today’s World

A Villanelle, poetry form encouraged through dVerse.


God’s world in ruin, yet the sky still blue.
The current status well thought out;
Storm and counterfeit, that’s what we’ll do.

He watches from above, the perfect view
Man’s hellish plan; He laughs as they scheme.
God’s world in ruin, yet the sky still blue.

First, hush and block those who speak true
Kill their God, mute the good.
Storm and counterfeit, that’s what we’ll do.

God’s world in ruin, yet the sky still blue.
Black is now white, while white is black.
God smiles as His faithful carry through.

Work harder, conceal, quiet the few
Their voice must be stilled at any cost.
Storm and counterfeit, that’s what we’ll do.

We can’t stop now, but God who knew
Their game was finished before it began.
Sinking wrangling words — despair and spew
Storm and counterfeit, that’s what we’ll do.


Sympathize with a Black Hat; NEVER!

Sympathy for the devil originally meant, an expression to give sympathy for someone who doesn’t deserve it.
White hats don’t sympathize with the black hats. Some change is good as in changing a babies diapers. See how they cry! Look at what they are doing!

The other day I was watching on YouTube an old video from 1955, it was Archbishop Fulton Sheen titled: How to Think, (about statistics).
If you are familiar with his style, he has a unique way of blending serious facts with humor. After his presentation, he mentioned that he would now give us a statistic that was 100% accurate, no doubt about it, we could take this particular statistic to the bank. He said speaking of marriage, that 50% of the people married were women, and the other 50% were men.

On another note, a correction is due to the liberal thinking of the distributors of Greeting Cards.
If everyone who dies these days goes to the “better place” know as heaven, it is politically incorrect to send out sympathy cards. The loved ones of the deceased should receive a card of congratulations their loved one made it. Forget Purgatory;  Stop offending them!

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