The Home Desired — inspired by…

Fandango, to join us one can read the rules by clicking here.

The Home Desired in Zentangle Art form by Myrna

One fine day, the newly married couple was caring for their precocious niece. They noticed a home they admired had an open house; the three of them began to walk over to the home to see what they might see. The woman especially was very emotional when walking into the home; as soon as she stepped into the room, she realized that this was her home to be.

The young niece, on the other hand, gazing at the advertisement flyer, remarked, “not so fast, auntie, look here what it says in big letters; FOR SALE, HOUSE! … WON’T LAST LONG!”

Cee's challenge

Optical Illusion to go along with all the Fake News

While looking through my myriad of images stored on my computer, as you all have!

FOUND — photo of my drawing!

While hoping to find something to enter this interesting challenge titled CBWC Any Kind of Geometrical by Cee’s Photo Challenges. I found this old drawing of mine a few years back when I was trying to create an optical illusion of depth, on a flat piece of drawing paper. Thinking it might be of interest to others with shades and shapes on a flat paper I posted it!

Instructions of the illusion can be found on YouTube in several places. Perhaps Cee might be inspired to run such a challenge of creating illusion someday. I would do it myself but I don’t have that large of followers to make it successful. How about it Cee? I challenge you to my suggestion.


Wednesday Challenge

A Tangle that is FUN!

I love to create art, any kind, I will at least try it once, and the Weekend Challenge from partner GC and me is Art..

Today I will show a piece of art that anyone can do, it’s called Zentangle, a glorified form of doodling. Here is one of my zentangle drawings — I did put this on Pixabay awhile ago, so it is possible you might have seen it on the internet. Pixabay as you know is a place on the internet you offer your own art for free. None of my art will ever be copyrighted, since I enjoy sharing. However after posting the above I also upload my art on several sites that offer it for sale; artists are compensated a small commission. Always fun when something sells.

Try it you can begin by just drawing or trace a circle from a dish in your kitchen.

My Zentangle

Here is a site that has more information: Click here