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Posted below: composed with words from Wordle 362


As one gets older, it’s fun to pass away the time by remembering youth in Chicago where my heart will always be. The sign of Christmas, the Holy Season remembering the birth of Christ, approaching means a trip to the department store, riding on the moving staircase.

Picture this: Windows trimmed with that special gift seen only during the Holidays. Animated displays with toys, and children skating on the lake surrounded with pines. You can travel wherever your imagination takes you all this while shopping for that special quilt for grandmother.

poetry, Tanka Tuesday by Colleen Chesbro

Evil Feelings Understood through Poetry


My priest recently was speaking about “feelings” and he mentioned that feelings are not evil unless we will them.  Thinking on this point is the foundation of my haiku or Senryu below:


My post here is an acceptance of Colleen Chesebro Challenge Tanka Poetry; her challenge is to use the synonyms for the words “Belief and Strange” my choice was “Feelings for Belief and New for Strange” –

Unless the will be
set aside— evil feelings
new guilt admitted