Ah! Another Challenge

If a Man Says …

The challenge of the word “Dalliance” is a topic under discussion because “dalliance” currently suggested to be the word of the day. I love it when the word is something I have to look up because it humbles me and I learn by researching. In short, it is to dilly-dally I love that term “dilly-dally” it reminds me of this funny phrase seen below.


On another note:

Don’t, however, be dalliance with the salvation of your soul, eternity is forever and this life is short compared to forever.  Remember — Just begin with a prayer!

“Take ye heed, watch and pray. For ye know not when the time is.” Mark 13;33

Word Prompts

Synonym not Cinnamon


A long time ago when I was a young mother raising my children, we watched Romper Room, which is my inspiration today with this challenge of using synonyms instead of the actual word.
The five words are as follows: shoe, sweep, wash, sky and duck. Looking at their synonyms was educational and surprising here are the ones I chose to use: LOAFER for shoe, READY for sweep, RUSH for wash, EMPYREAN for sky, and finally SIDESTEP for duck. I know I was surprised myself, but you can quickly verify my correctness by checking the Thesaurus.
Getting back to the inspiration of  Romper Room and it’s Doo Bee song I wrought this little jingle with the words of the challenge and my watercolor painting.       BBC

Don’t Bee a LOAFER
Don’t Bee in a RUSH
Don’t try to SIDESTEP truth




Cee's challenge, Just Because

Where do I fit in?

The post is my acceptance of Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge.

My certainly Odd Ball Photo, one day I tossed a rubber band aside it landed near my glasses and later I noticed all it needed was a mouth.  Tra La I wrought a funny face.

I am kind of silly that way, which is why my husband, when he was alive, said he loved me for it since he was so reserved.  Opposites do attract.

My #COB Titled:  “Where do I fit in?”



Just Because

Questions without Answers



“Hey mom, I was wondering, do you have to be a male to be a mailman, and if not why the name, “mailman shouldn’t it be spelled male-being.”
Mother: “O course not, with the new transgender laws people these days are not sure what they are anymore.”
Boy: “How come animals know what they are, today we learned all about the moose, some facts are an adult male moose is called a bull. An adult female is called a cow. Also, another certainty is only male moose grow antlers and eat only plants by nature.

Can you even imagine a moose in our kitchen pretending to be a cow while preparing my favorite MOUSSE?”

All about homophones


Comical Courage


It takes COURAGE to write an actual story that sounds more like a joke on a religiously serious themed blog, but here goes.

Not really a joke at all, because it happened to me, true story.

One day about 25 years ago, I was caring for one of my granddaughters, she was about 4 or 5 years old at that time.

I was a bit disgruntled about all the nonsense I saw on T.V. at that time extended to kids T.V. shows, in my opinion. This particular child, like most, loved to sit and watch T.V. she would sit there all day if someone allowed it.

I started to talk to her about it. The conversation went somewhat like this. I will call her Little Zandra to protect the innocent.

“Little Zandra don’t you think you are watching too much television?”
“No, I love T.V. granny.”
“There are so many bad things on the T.V. for a little girl to see.”
“I want you to make me a promise, little Zandra.”
“What is it?”
“Promise me you will never, ever watch bad EVIL television shows again.”
“Okay, I promise I will never watch bad EVIL television, I will only watch good evil, T.V.”





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