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I Confess

Another believe it or not story!

I heard the music as I entered the room, but all that was in my imagination since the room was empty and very still. I knew it was only an illusion because it happens now and then.   

Whenever my mind turns to the wonder of God, the evil one works a trick on my sense of hearing mainly, hearing. I have reached the age to reason that this distraction happens whenever I pray or meditate on His Will.  

The evil one leaves you alone when he has you where he wants you. Please don’t believe me, try it! Begin to pray sincerely, ask God to help you save your soul, and the diversion begins.  

The above story was inspired by Fantango’s Story Starter, he starts off by offering a phrase to inspire a story, today the phrase is underlined above.

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Tanka Tuesday by Colleen Chesbro

Poetry can be a Bleeding Heart

My post here is an acceptance of Colleen Chesebro Challenge Tanka Poetry; her challenge is to use the synonyms for the words “Fall and Try”the synonym is underlined.
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What is life about
except for God’s Will; we slip
and struggle through it!



poetry, Tanka Tuesday by Colleen Chesbro

A Poetic Prayer

My post here is an acceptance of Colleen Chesebro Challenge Tanka Poetry; her challenge is to use the synonyms for the words “Congregate and Passion” Numerous synonyms will be underlined.  To join the fun click HERE.

Gather together
poetic prayer with zeal
on fireSwarm like bees
desire honey — God’s Will be
on earth as is in heaven!


That Void Within Us

The holy season of Christmas is upon us, but first, there is Advent.
Advent a time for preparation; think of it as parents preparing for their new baby, the Christ Child, our Child. The world slept and was unaware of His miraculous birth of the much waited Redeemer so long ago, but today we know! We realize who He Is and was born that first Christmas Day? Therefore we have more of an obligation to prepare this Advent. We read in the Gospel of Luke 12; 47-48 “And that servant who knew the will of his lord, and prepared not himself, and did not according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes. [48] But he that knew not, and did things worthy of stripes, shall be beaten with few stripes. And unto whomsoever much is given, of him much shall be required: and to whom they have committed much, of him they will demand the more.”


Let’s begin! Let’s Stop, Look and Listen! Stop and look into our soul, do you feel that void? We all have that void something is missing! Now listen, hear that whisper. Listen it’s your guardian angel.

Stop again and think about the purpose of life a lesson today, forgotten. Knowing, Loving and Serving God is our purpose of our life and the key to once and all fill that empty void.

How to Know Him; just pick up and hold that crucifix into your hands, feel the suffering and you will begin to Know Him.
This precious Baby born to us, is now dying on the Cross and for what reason? Ask yourself, why did the Second person (the Word) who was perfectly happy with The First and Third Persons in heaven take Flesh, consent to being born in poverty, on that first Christmas that we are about to remember?

He didn’t have to suffer for us, He could have just willed the gates of heaven to open, and by His, Will could have saved us, but would we appreciate that! No! But, wait! Do we today understand His passion realizing there isn’t any cross that you have endued that He did not take up Himself. Think of this and you will Love Him.

Serve Him this Christmas, make a proper preparation for the newborn King, make Him the King of your family. Teach your children it is NOT all about the presents, but it is all about His PRESENCE.


The Perfect Way


Is it wrong to enjoy a cup of coffee while praying or is it better to pray while drinking that coffee? Either way, praying is talking to God and the time is always right. “Pray without ceasing.” (1Thess 5;17) We adore God when we pray to Him.

When we pray the Mass, it is a perfect way to adore Him for heaven and earth will be joined together. It is one of those times just too beautiful, a mystery upon An Altar. The Mass prayed reverently is God’s will.

Did you know? There is this little book titled “My Mass Explained and Illustrated” by Confraternity of the Precious Blood, 1958. One can still find it on the Internet to purchase.

During the Mass, in the beginning, the Latin words “In Nomine Patris” express our belief in the Trinity. The words, “In the name,” show that there is one God. This little booklet reminds us also of the timeless unity of the Church. During the Kyrie Eleison, a cry for mercy is as old as mankind itself. As the Mass continues to move forward; the Missal is transferred by the server from the Epistle to the Gospel side of the altar to symbolize that the divine favor was taken away from the unfaithful Jews and given to the Gentiles.
Moving now to the Gospel side of the altar, the priest reads the word of God from the New Testament.

Along with the priest, we sign our forehead, lips, and heart, praying that we accept God’s word with our mind, lips, and heart.

Just a few mysteries to consider next time you are privileged to a pray again at the altar of God. Remembering always “And the Word was made Flesh and dwelt among us.”