Invisible —Believe it or not!

The Mass of All Times, in one way, is imperceptible “time-traveling.”
Too subtle to even perceive, one might describe it as invisible. Unlike the service known today in your neighboorhood, Catholic Church as the Novus Ordo to distinguish in order to publish the new service by  Paul VI in 1969.

I speak here of the attributes of the traditional Latin Mass only.

Invisible in the sense that we are here and we are also there. Our invisible soul is going back, back through time all the way to a day which Christ crucified on the Cross and purchased the human race — redeemed us!
When we kneel there contained within our physical bodies during the consecration of the bread and wine, time is as if suspended, postponed.

Having an unbroken history from the present day to the distant past, it also establishes an inspiring covenant of unity across the world everywhere.

The sacred language used is as a Pentecost again commemorating the descent of the Holy Ghost upon the apostles. The traditional Latin Mass not only provides universality for all people of all times, till the end of time.
But, within the Mass, Christ perpetuates Himself in the world; likewise, through the Mass, the world can gain perpetual life in Christ.

With all their power
Poorly fail to end His Mass
Seek, and you shall find

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One definition of Christian Faith would be to believe what we do not see; in other words, things that are invisible to our eyes.
Many do not understand how we can believe and have strong devotions for something that is invisible.

Not a perfect analogy but imagine looking out your window day after day and seeing the same landscape or buildings; each day the security of viewing this scene will be there today and tomorrow. One day however a heavy fog moves in and all you can see is nothing but fog. Your everyday scene becomes invisible, however, you know it is there.

The time given to us now is the time for Faith, to believe the things that are unseen either from our eyes or invisible with our understanding. That is Faith!

It is my hope someday we will all meet in heaven; there we will find absolute truth, but no need for Christian Faith. If you are having difficulty understanding this, let this quote from St. Augustine explain it better than I can.

Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of this faith is to see what we have believed.
~ St. Augustine

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