Bottoms Up! At  MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie

What a challenge looking at this “wonky” image; this is what came to my “P” brain looking at the image below. See my verse down under.

I wonder now what YOU would create, – join HERE!

Bottoms Up

Does the world seem wonky?
If not, why not?
When will it end?  Or should we 
Stand together on our heads.
A man, a woman, or boy, a girl.
At best, we will laugh together.
At worst, a headache, ouch!
Upside down or bottoms up?

The bottom not so good
We laugh, trying not to cry!
What will tomorrow bring?
Remembering upright.
A day when we were not
Uptight: young girls' dreams
Of a picket fence, a knight
In shining armor.  

When  little boys were
Made of puppy-dog tails;
Little girls were sugar and spice
The world was oh so nice.  

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From BEST TO WORST, as the world goes!

Take out your paintbrush, oops I mean keyboard time to create from, you guessed it, PAINT CHIPS.


From Best to Worst, as the world goes.
If I had a wishbone, wishing for a world filled with the wisdom of the beginning as an heirloom tomato antique in nature!
Enough! Picking politicians from the deep end! Their empty laugh, a voice covered with a greenish patina, always depicting a green with envy gaze.
They go up and down in an organized swim, a lap swim, no wonder they are all wet. Back and forth as fireflies! 

As empty ways fade
Replaced by blooms of flowers
Truth! Sweeten the air!

Word Prompts

In Truth, Halloween — 4 Weekly Prompts


Halloween a time to pretend, giving, and taking. Giving candy and taking candy, saying, Thank You! I remember going home, and pouring through my delights, I felt like a Princess, it is also a time for sharing the sweets with your family.

Today, however, the mood is conflictingly evilly.

The game the elite play at this time; to abolish the true meaning of Halloween; in Truth Halloween IS the evening before the Christian Holy Day of All Hallows Day, All Saints Day. Halloween is a Christian festival!

I remember the “Good Old Days” this is a one-time speech or a phrase cheer and rings well within my soul.


Ragtag Daily Prompt / RDP, Word of the Day Challenge

Words that FIT!

G.K. Chesterton Quote fits perfectly with the word of the day which is … ta-da … YESTERDAY!

“The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” 

Today is purely INSANITY! Fight for Truth and Morals as was YESTERDAY!