poetry, Tanka Tuesday by Colleen Chesbro

Start your New Year with a Tanka Poem




My post here is an acceptance of Colleen Chesebro Challenge Tanka Poetry; her challenge is to use the synonyms for the words .”Begin and

Opening my eyes
A question appears; new birth?
Am I still dreaming
Lively, bright Vivid such cheer
I forgot its a New Year!





Finally a new resolution
Remember the end is not the end.
Today we search another solution
From that old worn, tired trend.

Finally, we turn the page
The time is now.
We stand alone on the stage
Afraid to take that vow.

Finally, ask that question
Should God come into my life?
What a great suggestion
Get rid of all that strife.

Finally, you wonder
What is His design?
Fear not to blunder
Just seek, and you shall find.


via Daily Prompt: Finally