Three Favorites

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge July 31 host is Sarah asking for three of our favorite photos. I humbly consider myself an amateur photographer, but I enjoy taking pictures this first one has a memory; I would like to forget but do I really want to forget? Happened one day during a major snow storm, and I noticed my bird feeder, as seen below. As soon as I captured the image, the snow fell off my metal roof and knocked me over. My camera bounced into the deep snow, and I was shocked but unhurt.

Snow fall


Ta-da! Number two, I was visiting the cemetery, and right next to it was this large wheat field with this spectacle as seen in my photo. As luck was on my side, I had my camera and captured it not for the moment but forever.

At Work


Number three below — You may have seen this image before on my blog, it is a pathway hidden within and waiting to be discovered as one walks along the many acres of treasured land high on a hill overlooking Spokane on Mount Saint Michael Church property.

Lets Take a Walk

Thank you all who visited my collection today, have a blessed Sunday!

Photo Challenge, true story

The Cosmic Photo Challenge — A Mirror

The theme is RELECTION!

When I noticed this theme of reflection, I remembered a picture I took when I was experiencing HDR photography. As you know, HDR stands for High Dynamic Range imaging.

The story of this photo is: A long, long time ago, my now deceased husband, his grandfather made this mirror with his own hands, so it is truly a one of a kind. I have since passed it along to the next generation.

When it hung in my home, I noticed how the reflection was of steps going upstairs. I took the initiative to place some shoes on the steps; dabbling with the bit of knowledge of HDR imaging, I started to experiment. Results as shown below.

It is said the eyes are a reflection of our soul!