Mindlovesmisery's, Photo Challenge

A Poem Without thought

Just a little simple poem with no particular form composed quickly while looking at the photo challenge below. A Free Versed Poem.

All alone, it may seem
Yet, like living, things may be seen
Lonely, we forget that heavenly stream
All alone, it may seem

Ah! Another Challenge, Whatsoever IS

Prompt for the Letter “B”

Try this prompt, its fun click here to participate HERE


Years ago I did a series of drawings/paintings of bees, which I put into a story for my grandchildren; which was inspired by these bumblebees living in my garden at that time.

Today the prompt is for the LETTER ‘B’. Please be kind to my creation I humbly show off along with the suggested rules from the prompt; Place, Emotion, Adjective, Verb, and animal/insect as seen below the above image.

Backyard beauties birds 
 and Bees buzzing cheerfully
All brave and busy
All-day long
 doing what they are 
Created to do
Praising God and mankind too!

What can be more lovely than a bumblebee, I submit my image for WhatSoEver is Lovely

Photo Challenge

#WritePhoto — Distance Calls!

Look out there and see
You are not alone
Off in the distance, see the light
It's there!
Just reach out!
Don't give up; stretch, reach across!
Deception keeps you apart —
Ignore that torrent!
A chimera an illusion
Delay NOT!
It's later than you think!

Distance – Image by KL Caley
For visually challenged writersthe image shows an island across a stretch of water. Upon which you can see some ruins and a white lighthouse.


Fandango, Weekly Prompt

Lines that rhyme two prompts in one post.

Two in One PromptS today the words are number ONE (1) MAVEN


Just a simple poem with seven syllables in each line and a little rhyme.

Commonsense not aplenty
At times my mind is empty!
Now again, I need a pro.
A Maven Someone that shows—
An overthinker, you know
With brains with tiny blinkers.
Speaking way over my head;
Do I follow what was said?
You tell them they are funny,
They think we are the dummy!
Their kind are easily smart
When puzzled, they press restart.


ONL a Blackout Poem

Below is an interesting a poem different as explained. Posted again for dVerse ONL

My original posting can be found here — https://myforever.blog/2021/08/03/found-poetry-i-found-it/

A blackout poem begins with an existing text, usually a newspaper. The writer blots out most of the page using a heavy black marker. The remaining words are not moved or rearranged. Fixed in place, they float in a sea of darkness. The contrast of black and white stirs thoughts of censorship and secrecy. What’s hiding behind the headlines of our daily paper? What does the highlighted text reveal about politics and world events?

Redacting words to create a new work goes back centuries. Still, the process became trendy when writer and artist Austin Kleon posted newspaper blackout poems online and then published his book and companion blog, Newspaper Blackout.

Evocative and dramatic, blackout poems retain the original typography and word placement. Some artists add graphic designs, while others let the stark words stand independently.


The Wonders of Thee!

My inspiration from the image presented below by one of my favorite bloggers at #Keepitalive

Look and see the wonders of Thee!
Your creations, a celestial star we call the Sun
Our gift — to give us what we need!
Your feathered friends graced with wings.
Sing and dance, surrounded by a painted sky
Oh, and so high! A child sees!
A child as to us created in your image —
To live forever with Thee!


Tanka Tuesday by Colleen Chesbro

What is an Alphabet Haiku?

Today my challenge was to try something DIFFERENT. Again thinking about the Tanka Tuesday Challenge, Colleen suggested we use a form from Poets Collective, the link can be found on Colleen invitation page to participate here —> TankaT uesday

There on Poets Collective I took this challenge of writing in the form of Alphabet Haiku a Modern haiku form created by Beatrice Evans, aka Ronnica at AllpoetryIt requires only strict 5 7 5 syllable construction with all words beginning with the same letter.

The words to use synonyms only are Sanctuary and Follow.

Sense security
Seek shelter start speedily
Select search — support