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Words Unknown

Traditional writing and True, my shining moment to remember!

dVerse has given us an opportunity to share your shining moment.  This is mine!

My shining moment was and will always be the moment in time when my son came home after several stays in Afghanistan. He often still speaks of the time he experienced combat — waking up to intruders, and suddenly from one second to the next, face to face with the enemy.
Knowing of this event and waiting for his return. The words expressing how I felt when he came home, are yet unknown to even a Linquist.

One dry, dusty day …
Far away from home! Shots fired!
My Prayer answered.



Just Because



We all want God to answer our prayers so how can we get our prayers to the top of God’s “waiting” list?

Think today of the high power God has given us by our praying for souls throughout the world of people unknown to us, but known to God.


God left us with a well of wealth, a well that never dries out. Deep within this well, we will find the infinite treasure of God’s merit just for the taking.  With this unending treasure, we must merely withdraw His merits from the well.

Have you ever begged God, praying daily!

It seems your prayers go unheard?  Try this! 
God answers our prayers when we pray for others, especially when we pray for those who we dislike. We do not have to like each other, but we must love each other because Jesus died for all of us.

Let us begin today to ask God to hear the prayers of others, neighbors, associates and people we dislike. God will listen to your prayer for them and answer your petitions as well since He knows all things and knows our desires before we ask. Praying for others is how God answers us.