Tanka Tuesday by Colleen Chesbro

A Themed Poetry Prompt or is it an ILLUSION?

Tanka Tuesday Today Oct.27.2020

Colleen has asked her experts to put a poetry writing spell on poets! This is the 200th Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge! Happy Poetry Writing!

Clear illusion; Pride!
We fall, we rise, we restart!
Lack of prayer — LOST!
Humility a gift — FOUND!
Our journey our time; our goal!


Fandango’s Provocative Question, answered by me!

Each week Fandango will pose what he thinks is a provocative question for other bloggers consideration. His question is below, why not give us your input, just click here link:

“Do you believe in fate and predestination? If so, what or who is the source? If you do believe in predestination, is there anything anyone can do to change their predestined fate?”

I believe God has a purpose for every one of us in this life and on an appointed day, we will die. Prayer is most important in the discovery of this purpose without prayer we are left to our own discretion, and more often we are doomed to failure. God, however in my belief, also hears the prayers of others when they pray for us, especially our parents. He mainly listens to parents, when a parent curses their children, He hears that too!

We make our own choices, it’s called free will, to choose right from wrong that is what determines our peace of soul. God who knows everything knows our options before we make them He did not create us to be puppets. God wants us to depend on Him, which is why He showed us in the Bible the perfect prayer known as the Lord’s Prayer aka The Our Father, that prayer when you offer it has everything we need.

There is only One God not many gods as stated in the First of the Ten Commandments. The First three Commandments are how we are expected to treat God; the other Seven Commandments are how we are supposed to treat each other. It’s not that difficult. To pray is to be humble and God loves humility, to say no to prayer is Pride. As long as we have breath, it is never too late to start, but when we draw that last one, our will is fixed forever. Why? Because if we choose not to want God in our life, why would we want Him in the next?

Sorry Fandango, for the preaching, but you asked for it!


Objectively Speaking Fact and Intentions

The FPQ question of today is prompting us to answer this…

“Do you believe that anyone can really experience anything objectively? Why or why not?”

Yes, I do believe we can all experience objectively. Stop first and analyze our motive for our actions and even our thoughts.
Understanding our purpose in life; which is the same for all of us, the objective purpose to serve God. Therefore when we act in such a way that the highest motive of our action serving HIM we experience that moment in time objectively.

Simply put ask yourself; what is our Intention of doing, thinking, pursuing!


Giving generously as much as we can, if we give freely because we love God; thereby we obey Him when He teaches “Love your neighbor as yourself.” However, if our motive of giving is the secondary motive of PRIDE, by that I mean, God does not enter our action we offer because we want the world to see how generous and beautiful a person or organization we are.
Although a good action that benefits, still it is not done with the most significant motive but the lesser.

dVerse, poetry

My Confession in Haibun Poetry

dVerse is asking for a poem about one or all of the 7 Vices or Virtues and how our life has been affected. Do we see a complementary function between vice and virtue? Is there one, in particular, that has played a crucial role in your giving into temptation? Or one that has provided a valuable lesson?

My Confession of Time

Confession begins while pleading guilty of all, Pride, always the root. Yes, with each passing day the realization of “looking back” has already started, it is Pride, greatest enemy of my life! I demand, could this be the reason why I have been asking for humility lately? You see today I am older than yesterday, and growing old is a gift. TIME!
Understanding the use of this gift is to arrive at my eternity. To correct a sinful life, while that “stranger” the conscience is always nagging, “pray” it warns, for spiritual wisdom to know my sins and be sorry for them … why do I wonder?

Recognizing time —
a reality of Life.
Vice, Virtue our choice.
Eternity always there
on the mind ever-present.


A Horror Story


Make no mistake about it, when God created THE EVERYTHING, the world was perfect; Adam and Eve were immaculate. Before the first sin, it was as close to heaven on earth as we can imagine.

Then one day as we have learned, one crime against God resulted in destruction. Everything God created suffered from that one sin. Only ONE! That thought alone should make us realize the horror of offending God. Remember too, that pride comes before the fall, as it happened to the fallen angels. Let’s continue with the story.

How the fallen angels must have rejoiced seeing that one sin of Adam and Eve. It reminded them of their evil deed. “hee hee,” they laughed and rejoiced. Laughed because as the saying “Misery loves company” is proven for the first time.

Let’s step back now before the fall of the angels and ask why did they fall? Could it be the All-Knowing God reveals to the angel’s certain truths beforehand?
Perhaps He did! Consider that God allowed the angels to know His plan for creation, one point, that angels would be higher than humans in the hierarchy.

“Good,” they thought!

Here comes that pride before the fall of the angels.

“Of course we are greater than those humans, look at our intelligence and beauty.”

They may have spoken words like this to each other if we dare to imagine.

“These insignificant humans who are so lowly, and You Master are willing to take on flesh, and from a woman yet, to become one of them.”

And with that, the great battle of which they fell, down, down they fell.

“A woman shall crush thy head.” (Genesis 3;15)

God the Father has willed to be appeased by the blood of His only begotten Son because of this one sin of Adam and Eve. To repair our legacy, remove original sin, and help our now fallen nature.
But, why? Why would God Almighty take on flesh, suffer so much and lower Himself to become like one of His creatures? Have you ever really examined your thoughts as to why?

Jesus is our Saviour, but what does He need to save us from?

He desires to save us from an eternity of HATE! An absence of God forever, no turning back. Hell must be very sorrowful a place, and God must love us very much to endure such excruciating pains, which by the very word excruciating comes from another word meaning Crucifixion.