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Ragtag Daily Prompt / RDP


Life is treacherous and slippery, know this fact. Also, remember that God is our friend, not our enemy.
If we are to have a chance at heaven, we must run the risk of hell. God’s eternal knowledge does not destroy our freedom.  He is God and we are His creatures, humans with an immortal soul; we can win heaven, the divine life with Him forever, or we can start our hell right here on earth with wrong choices.
Love of God is never forced, He created us all free, our love for Him is given freely, love is a gift. St. Thomas says, “slamming the door on His love, we open the door to His justice.”
Don’t SLIP up! Start with prayer, which is merely talking to God, essential to ask Him for forgiveness and help not to slip up again.

There is no saint without a past, and no sinner without a future.
Saint Augustine

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Q can also be for “Quote” and at the end of this post I have one.

One definition of Christian Faith would be to believe what we do not see; in other words, things that are invisible to our eyes.
Many do not understand how we can believe and have strong devotions for something that is invisible.

Not a perfect analogy but imagine looking out your window day after day and seeing the same landscape or buildings; each day the security of viewing this scene will be there today and tomorrow. One day however a heavy fog moves in and all you can see is nothing but fog. Your everyday scene becomes invisible, however, you know it is there.

The time given to us now is the time for Faith, to believe the things that are unseen either from our eyes or invisible with our understanding. That is Faith!

It is my hope someday we will all meet in heaven; there we will find absolute truth, but no need for Christian Faith. If you are having difficulty understanding this, let this quote from St. Augustine explain it better than I can.

Faith is to believe what we do not see, and the reward of this faith is to see what we have believed.
~ St. Augustine

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