What in the world is it?

dVerse has come up with something different so what is it?   Also, what is it, within my Prosery written here for dVerse and its host?  More questions than answers, first the rules — 144 words or less, using a particular line which is “When far away an interrupted cry.”  Use it in your story, here is my attempt below.

My Prosery


Oh dear, another sleepless night, looking at the clock, thinking, and it’s only 1:30 in the morning. Perhaps if a lie here a little longer I’ll fall asleep. Sigh! When far away, an interrupted cry, what was that? I wondered.
Sitting straight up, in bed, looking half numb out the opened window. To afraid to move an inch. Sounded like a bird or was it a banshee? Was it outside or inside. Did that sound come from my attic or basement?
I can’t stand another moment; I’ll sit here and say that prayer I use to say when I was a kid. “Angel of God, my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
ever this day be at my side,
to light and guard, to rule and guide.
Amen.” I feel sleepy now, good night whoever you are.

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Daily Inkling — My True Story!

Usually, I don’t post within my blogs anything personal; because my life is not that interesting and who cares that I burned the dinner last night anyway.

Today however the “Daily Inkling” stimulated an emotion, upon reading the prompt, inviting all to write about anything we might have with a signature and what that means to us.

My story starts here: While caring for my mother, who passed away six years ago at the early age of 98 — remembering her pleasant smile always, a gift to me, a memory and rare for someone unable to get out of bed; someone who spent her last ten months looking at the ceiling. My husband knew I had this responsibility of caring for her, all his plans of traveling here and there with me now on hold. The irony: He passed away exactly one year before her, November 2012 and she departed November 2013, just one day shy.
After they were gone; while going through their things, sorting, sifting, and separating whenever I found even just a tiny piece of their writings whether, on a note or scrap of paper, I stopped and stared at it in wonder. It was as if I saw for the first time their mindset or spirit. I thought, why did she scribble all those random words, what did they mean to her at that time? Thinking again, why did he draw that diagram, was it for me to understand something?
I kept those tiny pieces of treasures, little bits of their life that now became a precious gift, if only to myself.

Why do I blog? I imagine my loved ones TODAY perceive my blog here, they smile as they read my writings, composing of poems are a passing activity to keep my mind sharp, a hobby; while I whittle the time away!

Little do they know!

My desire for them to awaken, through the same discovering experience I received, they too will realize my written thoughts will become more than a passing activity. My family will read them in a new light. My vision for them to see ME again, to recognize and treasure any truths I learned during my journey we call life.

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WONDERING a short story

Opening my eyes while thinking, how bright it was outside my window, oh it snowed again; reaching for the covers while pulling them up over my shoulders; why is it so cold I wondered.

Feeling for the alarm, wondering about the joy I felt; I had another hour to sleep, turning over. I’ll just quickly hop out of bed, turn up the heat to warm the house and get back under the cozy, fuzzy blankets for another hour.

Not so fast! What’s this strange dizziness, I wondered, falling back into my pillows and safe zone, confused and anxious, I tried again to get up. To no avail! Quickly fell back sinking into the softness of my bed. I wondered what in the world is going on!

I realized all that brightness I thought was snow outside my window was in actuality the bedroom lights had been turned on.
Gulp! Who are all these people in my room I wondered! No one is looking familiar, and why are they just ignoring me! “Hey!” I screamed.

“No use,” a voice said, “they can’t hear you because you’re dead!”

“Like a candle, your flame burnt out and now you are all mine!”

“Yours,” I screamed, “who are you?”

“Don’t you know, I am the one you have been serving for the past several decades.”

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Life its Treasures Hopes Desires and END.

The story inspired by First Line Friday:   Below


Millie couldn’t believe her luck, an eighteenth century, hand-carved oak hope chest with original fixtures intact– and all she had to do was convince them to sell it to her.

It all started when she accidentally came upon this old home as she was scouring houses to list for sale; thereby enhancing her real estate career. This property was quite hidden with overgrown shrubs and nonconforming to the surroundings. She was surprised to see how welcomed she was when she approached the door to inquire if there might be an interest in a future sale of said property. That was when she noticed the treasured hope chest.

The senior man, indicated positively, as he was about to enter into a facility for the aged. Hearing his words was the opening she had hoped for, not only was this an opportunity for a commission but, also to gain the hope chest.

Concise, and to the point, as she looked around, she mentioned the room was very crowded with that enormous chest it would be a distraction to potential buyers. Would he be interested in selling it? She asked with tact and thoughtfulness.

Only, he said, if you took all the contents that it held, junk I collected throughout the many years of my life.

Music to her ears, her elation was well contained within her soul as the sale progressed.

The sale of the chest now achieved, with keen anticipation as to what the contents contained; the subject for another future story.

This story; My summarized picture of life. Opportunity/Success, seeking what we desire, hoping to achieve, curious about what it holds. In the end, Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.
Judgment, Heaven or Hell.

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Classic Movie — The Well

Another prompt and or challenge from Saturday Mix AND see here for the instructions, this week we are dipping our toes into the pool of OPPOSITES. Our challenge is all about “opposing forces” and the use of antithesis in our writing. You will need to use the two opposing words in your response –
Our words this week are:
– unite and divide
– hope and hopeless

The above words, a challenge of four opposing words that come together remind me of a black and white classic movie recently published on YouTube. One of those edge of the seat stories, full of emotion; a story about how a people divided come together and unite in a crisis. A tale of hopelessness that wrought hope to a community in a racially mixed American town.

A 5-year-old black girl falls unnoticed into a hidden, forgotten well on her way to school. Having nothing better to go on, the police follow up a report that the child was seen with a white stranger, and rumors run wild.

If your time prevents you from viewing this lively and exciting account created in 1951, but so relevant today, add it on your bucket list for later.

Friday Flash Fiction

Friday and Flash Fiction …gulp!

Okay, so I have been reading here about Flash Fiction, Sudden, Micro and Quick fiction.

This is my first story with a word count of 318, I pray you will stick it out to the end and be kind, it is a first for me.  Titled:  Who is that Man?


Opening the door to the waiting room at Good Health Hospital was a new experience for me. There was another person there in the room very decked out in a suit, tie, and hair classy blond; his attractive smile was natural and captivating.
“Have you been waiting long?” I asked nervously.
He had a very calm disposition didn’t seem a bit anxious, and his eyes had a placid twinkle. He said, “yes about 2000 years give or take a century or two.”
I laughed at his attempt to be entertaining.
“This is my first child.” I blurted out.
“Mine too, he said … and will be the only one ever.”

I wondered why, the only one.
Suddenly it became hushed and cold, I began to pace back and forth and the minutes seemed like hours, tick tock tick. My buddy, however, was self-assured and I envied him for that.

“Aren’t you excited,” I asked just as the nurse came in.
“Baby is here, and both baby and mother are fine.”
“Whose baby mine or his,” I inquired.
“You sir, are the only one waiting here, of course, it’s your baby.”
Twisting my body around in dismay to see for myself and yes, that perfect person, still sitting there. Happiness was written over his face as if it was his child, I thought. Instantly before I gained my poise, my companion seemed to have read my mind; immediately, and speaking with authority, I heard … “It is my, child I will be with this little soul from this day onward, while you will only love, and guard as assented to as He Wills. I have waited a long time for my obligation to come into the world for we angels only receive one, and yes I am excited.” Pray that we will together bring this child back to Him who He always has known and now.
The Beginning



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The Saint Who – PROVOKED

Today the word prompt is “provoke” immediately it came to my mind to write a little about Saint Venantius, who at the age of 15 years old provoked his executioners for preaching Christ to others.

I was introduced to St. Venantius recently by my 16-year-old granddaughter who asked me to paint a picture of her favorite saint,
Saint Venantius. I searched the Internet for his story, and myself became acquainted with this teenage boy who lived long ago and captured my granddaughter heart, who insisted her firstborn son would be named Venantius if it was the Will of God someday she would have a son.

So here on my blog, I am pleased to share my watercolor painting of the saint; with the instruments of his torture.

When you read the story, you will agree he certainly did provoke his executioners to their confusion and insanity.



There attempt at scourging him was thwarted miraculously by his guardian angel, he then was burnt and suffocated by the smoke of fire of which he was suspended over. Again an angel stamped out the fire and set the saint free. Antiochus, he ordered Venantius to be thrown to the lions. Only to see the lions crouched at the feet of the Saint. Next, the youth was dragged through a heap of thorns by the cruel soldiers, and they, the soldiers, were suffering from thirst, after which the Saint knelt on a rock and signed it with a cross; immediately burst forth cool clear water. This miracle converted many of those who witnessed the event.

Our young Saint finally had his new beginning in eternity when the governor had Venantius, and his converts beheaded, in the year 250.


How your Guardian Angel must have smiled.
To see a heart filled with such love and just a child.
Eyes gaze to heaven and His Cross your only weapon.
Beaton dragged, roasted with fire until they did perspire, yet you continued to inspire. Marking a cross upon a rock to burst cool water and quench their agonizing thirst; now angels disperse. The enemy hurled you into a lion’s den to see you devoured; the angels again blocked the torments with each hour.



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Suddenly My Personal Story

My story in short.

A cradle Catholic here who still can hear the nun’s words, “you children have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth.” Then she would explain what that meant. We were born with the Faith and didn’t have to “seek and find” like others.

My journey in life took me this way and that way regarding my religion. When the Church started to change, I began to change.
Suddenly I was permitting myself to do all sorts of things that I would never allow myself earlier in life.

As the years rolled by I often thought of my younger years and why suddenly it was okay to let down the bars so to speak. One day I mentioned this to my priest, and he merely said, “oh! those things are outdated, the prayers, hymns, and even the catechism.” I left there with more questions than answers.

One day very soon after, I was cleaning out some old things and found a shoe box with trinkets. Among the items was my brown scapular and rosary, all tangled together. I untangled them and began to think again; “I should be wearing this scapular and praying this rosary,” I remembered. And so suddenly I made up my mind to do so.

My life at that time didn’t change much the bar was still low, and the goats were coming in. Not until I picked up this book and read it. “Sinners Return to God.”

Suddenly I realized I was going the wrong way. After reading it suddenly again I knew I had to amend my life, and quite suddenly I was committed to doing so.

I consider myself a Traditional Catholic today and have found peace of soul; I suddenly have a new lease on life. And that is a good thing.


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A PIOUS BELIEF Things Watery

THINGS WATERY my contribution; a reblog of my post on January 20.
This idea of “things watery” reminds me of a pious little story presented here below:

Here is a little story, I am sure many of you, especially those who attended Catholic Schools back in the 40’s – 50’s have heard.

One happy, perfect day in heaven it was decided a contest was in the making for the angels. The rules were they would fly down to earth and find a gift for the Baby Jesus. Whosoever would find the best gift was the winner.

Anxious as they all were they polished their wings and got ready to take off, “Get ready, get set, and GO!” Wings started to flutter; it seems a hurricane entered heaven.

Landing deep within a lush rural forest one such angel found the most beautiful flower, with a luxurious fragrance that seemed to fill the entire forest.

Another angel witnessed the birth of a perfect child with lovely thick locks of hair that seemed to cover its entire head. So the angel just clipped only one to take back to heaven.

Several angels brought back nuggets of pure gold and silver, while still, others found gems that shone like the sun. While others even captured the golden rays from the sun, wrapped them up in glistening threads and carried them back to heaven.

One little angel left with nothing to bring since it seemed that everything already was presented to the new-born King.

The little angel wandered around with his wings held down, still looking, never giving up. Suddenly upon passing a Church, the angel heard some sobbing, stopping to listen through the walls, angels can do that you already know, he heard and saw a human crying in the confessional with tears rolling down their cheeks. The angel also started to tear up. The little angel carefully and very gently lifted but one tear and quickly brought it to the Baby Jesus.

Can you guess what treasure that the King was pleased after seeing all the found riches?

Yes, you are correct.

End of the story