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Our Family loves Cranberry Sauce with Turkey

Doesn’t yours!

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“Okay, let’s stick together; tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we must quickly pick up these last-minute items on the list, like the cranberries; we can’t have Thanksgiving without the cranberries. Oh there, I see … “oh! excuse me, sir ( gently bumping into another shopper) I was about to grab that last can.
“Sorry, I saw it first; ask the clerk there; maybe they have more in the back.”
“Sorry, everything we have is already out; try the store down the street.”
“Okay, let’s go, find Brandon; he’s lost again.”
“Do we have to — find him — that is?”


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An invitation to write that memory you can’t forget, it’s Thanksgiving Season After All!!

My Memory in Haibun Poetry   OUCH!  Graitful it wasn't worse!

Thinking back, remembering Thanksgiving Day as a child, I was always excited to see my cousins. One particular Aunt and Uncle had ten children. However, sad to say only seven lived past infancy. The best day was when we all got together, all seven, plus my brother and me. We were very wild and would run, play, jump; one Thanksgiving Day, I accidentally tripped while working up an appetite for the great Feast that was about to begin. I was running with all the gusto within me.
I did not like what I bit into that Thanksgiving Day; it was my tongue. Next came the brightly colored blood everywhere. Next, I remember being taken into the bathroom with several “big” people trying to stop the blood and tears.
Ahh! Memories! I know now that events end but memories last forever; I am living proof at 81 years old, I still wear the scar.

Best bite ever, not!
Impossible to forget
Holidays are here


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World in Crisis, I Dare You!

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Whether you believe the recent selection of President in USA or the virus everyone speaks about are instilling fear. STOP IT! Fear Not!

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Enjoy your family this coming Thanksgiving. Enjoy this delicious sweet recipe below; always a Holiday treat!

The only difficult action of this recipe is in the rolling of them into a roll before they cool off.

I dare you to try!

Your family, friends will love these.


Two egg whites (room temp. beat until stiff)

1/2 cup of sugar

1/3 cup SIFTED flour

1Teaspoon of almond extract

3Tablespoons of butter

1/3 cup finely chopped almonds

Confectioners sugar

Sprinkle sugar over the stiffly beaten egg whites and carefully fold in the flour, melted butter, almond extract, and chopped almonds.

Drop batter by teaspoon on a WELL BUTTERED PAN; spread each into a thin circle—Bake at 375 degrees for only 5 MINUTES. Cookies are ready when slightly brown around the edges.  Work quickly to roll while keeping them warm; if they cool too fast, you will not be able to shape them in a roll. Better to bake only a few at a time for that reason.  

Sprinkle each with powdered sugar.   yummy! JHappy Thanksgiving from my blog to your blog.

Now you are wondering, and this is the real crisis. What do I do with the two egg yokes after separating the whites from the yokes.
Suggestion, add another egg to them and make scrambled eggs, or find another recipe that only requires two yokes.

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Thankful is what it’s all about!

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Thanksgiving is almost here, who isn’t THANKFUL? I am and this is


Having reached that part of our journey, the road that takes us to look back instead of forward, I honestly have much to be thankful.
Naturally, I traveled up hills, sliding down and falling too! Most of the twists and turns I chose were correct, yet the few where I lost my compass, my direction is what I hope to forget.
I am thankful for TRADITIONAL Catholic Confession.

I am thankful I followed my vocation of marriage and raising children, now rewarded with grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
God does reward on earth as well as in Heaven. Be thankful!

When the nuns explained why we should pray daily for the person we would eventually marry. I began to pray that day.
I am thankful for 50 plus years of marriage to a man who treated me like a queen. It was nice to be treated like a queen, mainly since we were raising six children; I was so tired at times. No time to write poetry, which is why I try to do it now. Thankful for the time left to me.

Now a widow yet thankful that God has given me His Faith He established on earth. A Faith, my husband, came to join, knowing now we will be together again when my time is finished.

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The Look of Gratitude

 The look and feel of gratitude

Thankful for the warmth of the roof over my head; just one something of others, on Thanksgiving Day, spent with my loving family.

Thankful for K’ee and Dale inspiration!






While at the grocery store a few days ago, I stopped to look at the turkeys, along came a stranger poking around at the turkeys along the side of me, we chatted a little and departed after wishing each other a great Holiday. As I stepped away, I heard her say, “don’t forget what the Holiday is all about.” Yes, I thought the Holiday and what is the meaning?
We hear over and over and read on greeting cards, “count your blessings,” “give thanks to God for our food,” “let’s be grateful” however, at times depending on circumstances that can’t always be easy.
Some of us might be suffering this year.
What we can do is pray for each other, although strangers. Just as that woman in the grocery store was a stranger, yet she sent me a message, a reminder of what Thanksgiving is all about!
My prayer is that we all can, in our gentle way remind others to stop, take notice to realize what we have. Some of us might have less, some have more but those who have the Faith, the Holy, Traditional Catholic Faith have it ALL.
Getting back to that delicious turkey and if you are tired of mashed potatoes here is a delightful alternative. A recipe from Lithuania that my family always enjoys during the holiday season. Although this recipe is time-consuming; if you wash, peel and shred the potatoes. There is a shortcut! Purchase one 2 lb. Bags of Hash Brown shredded potatoes that eliminates washing, peeling and shredding the potatoes.
5 Lbs of potatoes or Hash Brown shredded potatoes (easier)
4 or 5 lightly beaten eggs
1 or 2 onion finely chopped
1 Lb. bacon cut in small pieces or more bacon if you like
2 or 3 cans evaporated milk
1/4 cup flour
salt and pepper to taste

In a large bowl, mix grated potatoes, eggs, flour, and evaporated milk. Add browned bacon and onions along with some of the melted bacon grease. Season to taste. Pour mixture into a greased baking dish, put into a hot oven 400 degrees and cook for about 1 hr. to 1.5 hours; test like a cake till center is done. (if Hash browns are used you might want to add a cup or two of chicken broth to your mix)   I like to open the oven after it has been cooking for about half an hour and stir it up, but that is not necessary.)
When cool you can top with sour cream if desired. Makes a tasty breakfast dish too!