Just Because

For Heaven’s Sake!

The Church honors a Hidden Treasure during the month of July.
Today’s I post in earnest, with Gods grace not with arrogance nor authoritative but with sincere sorrow. Sorrow because many/some reading will think of this as fiction, it is not fiction!
I post because I too am learning and growing in the knowledge of Gods gift to all of humanity.

This post is about BLOOD.
The Precious Blood of Jesus Christ. The New Covenant (the New Testament) was made on Maundy Thursday and sealed on the Cross, thereby repealing the Old Covenant. The Blood of the New Covenant is the blood of the Savior which flows from the Cross and sanctifies the faithful. Matthew 26;28

“The offering of the Precious Blood is of infinite efficacy. It begs remission for past sins or rather exacts it; It is a remedy against future sin; It returns thanks for all graces general or personal; It procures help from on high and brings comfort to the living and the dead.”

Take a few moments of each day during July, and it will soon become part of you, the few moments in meditation of the gift from God; His Blood shed for you. This sacrifice makes you worthy and valuable in His eyes, now it is up to you to live your life accordingly. A good beginning would be an examination of your conscience.
Please do it for Heaven’s Sake!



Where is the Church? — AUTHORITY

A Stream of Consciousness Saturday, June 9th —  Today’s prompt

Authority exists to the Churches, not the Church living for the sake of authority. Authority is a concern for the sheep; read John 21; 15-17. “Feed My sheep.”
This Authority or Power; “Let every soul be subject to higher powers: for there is no power but from God: and those that are, are ordained of God.”
We see here how God has given authority to His Church to feed His sheep, as in John 21; 15-17.
What happens in the case of the current “pope” who is not feeding the sheep? Is Vatican II a church that has adapted to the world existing; existing only for the sake of said authority? NO!

This jurisdiction/power is gone. God will not be mocked.
Does the Church that Christ found still exist. OF COURSE and with AUTHORITY!
He has said, about His second coming, ” the Son of man, when he cometh, shall he find, think you, faith on earth?” Luke 18:8
Seek the Traditional Catholic Faith