FSS, Supernatural Reality

I Confess

Another believe it or not story!

I heard the music as I entered the room, but all that was in my imagination since the room was empty and very still. I knew it was only an illusion because it happens now and then.   

Whenever my mind turns to the wonder of God, the evil one works a trick on my sense of hearing mainly, hearing. I have reached the age to reason that this distraction happens whenever I pray or meditate on His Will.  

The evil one leaves you alone when he has you where he wants you. Please don’t believe me, try it! Begin to pray sincerely, ask God to help you save your soul, and the diversion begins.  

The above story was inspired by Fantango’s Story Starter, he starts off by offering a phrase to inspire a story, today the phrase is underlined above.

What comes to your mind when you think on the phrase, join us and share your story by clicking here for details. Click

Ah! Another Challenge, Word Prompts

Good Versus Evil— Nefarious Crushed

A picture such as the one here below says it better than words.

Speaking of words the word prompt today happens to be “Nefarious” from here; if you care to join in on the fun.  And/or also here for the word “Debonair.” Two fellow bloggers initiating word prompts.

That NEFARIOUS Evil one lays beneath the feet of Michael the Archangel who is shown to be one of many, a DEBONAIR Angel of Good.

Evil will have its day, for sure, but we all know the end of the story.

My 6-word story here is:
Know the Watcher watches — Watch Out!