I Believe Because

Christians everywhere have you ever contemplated the Holy Trinity?

My Mass prayer book mentions their unique Unity is due to their Sacred Divine Nature. I found that very interesting.

Don’t ever forget the Please and Thank you to the Trinity.

My prayer to the Father would be, IS. To the Father, The Creator, thank you for your Masterpiece of Creation the Mother of God and thank you for allowing me the grace to find her. To the Son, the only Son of God the Redeemer of the world, thank you for your redeeming all of us, and thank you for my personal redemption. To the Holy Ghost thank you for the Incarnation of Jesus and thank you for guiding me to Him. Please remember me yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever and beyond. Amen



When I was a seminarian about all I heard was that there was a Messianic Secret. I still can’t wrap my mind around that. Jesus was preaching, teaching, healing diseases, exorcising demons, raising the dead, reprimanding the religious and political leaders of the day. There was no one who was more well-known than He was, and […]

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