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Your Epiphany Don’t Miss It!

Below please read my very first Sonnet poem composed and response to dVerse Poets. The beginning of a New Year and an opening of dVerse Poets who will be creating a new book with samples of poetry in the form of prompts to bloggers. My Sonnet Rhyme scheme:

An Epiphany every day to share
something to live for — a rewarding gain.
Personal lightning bolts, some call prayer!
Very easy for your genius to train.

Your friend — SILENCE helps complete the design,
your enemy — unwanted DISTRACTION.
Ability to relax perfect sign,
unwind; now ebb, reach to satisfaction.

Now place yourself in the presence of God!
Listen gingerly that song of quiet,
refusing to become a lightning rod.
Grow near supernatural reliant.

Awaiting peace of soul we hunger for
Since the Voice of God, Silence, not ignored.


Why Blog why the Voice?


Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt for this week is the word “ORGAN.”

I had no idea that the word “organ” meant other than an instrument or a biological term. Not, until I check the thesaurus and found an entire catalog of understandings, such as the word “mouthpiece, or voice or channel.” Looking at these words, perhaps we could add the word “blogger” to it.

Speaking of blogging these definitions remind me of why I started a few months ago, last November.

My story began while caring for my dying husband after 50 years of marriage and my very elderly mother who passed away one year later after he did. It wasn’t till then that I found value in everything they wrote and left behind for me to pick up such as a list for the grocery store in my husband’s case; or my mom’s lifestyle she would write down random words, over and over, that she would not forget them. I discovered then when I picked up those pieces of paper with their words and saw the value in them. A little treasure, part of them, their thoughts!

Blogging, the reason why I write now, my loved ones hopefully will someday see what I yearn to say to them, but lack time to hear my words.
The second chance will ultimately prove words will evolve into that treasure. A treasure we all seek to find and hope never to lose.

Consider too, that you also are an organ, a mouthpiece, a voice to your readers and your loved ones. Offer them valuable advice, make them proud of your thoughts about life and how you coped with the experiences both high and low.

Comment below what brought you to this wonderful activity of blogging, knowing is always fun and gives you something to think about besides your next blog post.



DANCE with the devil

Have you ever wondered why when we read the lives of the early Christians and Saints, how God spoke directly to them, while today Heaven is so silent? Or like Thomas, a Kempis said, “The grace of God is not communicated to the worldly-minded.” Perhaps it was because without today’s discoveries they were able to HEAR Him.

People today dance with the devil, Internet, cell phones, smartphones, iPhones, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, play stations, iPad, Facebook and snapchat, apps for all ages, androids of every kind, headphones or earpieces destroying developing brains; these are the important things, of today.


God tries to speak to us, but bedazzlement and blindness take over our senses, and we walk in darkness. Without realizing it, we deliberately block His Voice because we prefer anarchy instead of the song of silence. We begin to believe we will live forever, and neither God nor the devil exists. Our youth today is re-wired.
Teens have become brain-dead androids themselves with new noise that interferes with thoughts of their purpose in life. We say we are Christian but do any of us seriously take the time to consider how our sins have nailed Him to that Cross. God is so easy to forget when garbage constantly and presently is fed into our thoughts night and day. Every few months a new item is on the market, and of course, young adults and children have to have the hottest brand or else their life is over, so it seems.

Many or most young people cannot hear God calling them to their vocation; their ears are stopped up with the music of the world indoctrinating their minds with sex, drugs, and anger.

This world of ours comes to an end the moment we take our last breath. We can’t change our will because it is set at that moment forever. If it was the noise, distractions, and chaos, we desired in life, why would we suddenly in eternity want harmony, peace, and love of God?



Voice from Long Ago

Saint Optatus, Bishop of Milevum, Confessor, and one of the Fathers of the Church whose name occurs in the Roman Martyrology on June 4th. Listen carefully to his voice speaking from the fourth century; and apply these words to our present day crisis. Our Saint not only rebukes the errors of Donatism with spoken words. He is also well-known for his books against Parmenian, the successor of Donatus (Bishop of Carthage); Donatus who eventually spawned Donatism.
The Donatist’s already condemned at the Council of Nicaea in the year 325, are not meant to be the subject of this writing. Those who have ears to hear, I challenge you! Find, recognize the errors of past centuries than comparing them with this writing from an early edition of “The Lives of the Saints” dated 1864. You will agree, I feel,
that words and actions of yesterday’s Saints still hold true today. Myblog
The article quoted below states historical facts that the Donatists having gained the keepers of the treasury of the church of Carthage; got possession of the gold and silver chalices, other vessels and precious ornaments that belonged to that church, located in Carthage. Sounds much like a small apostasy happening then, but now much of the same continue to occur only universally.
St. Optatus who … Then proceeds to show that the Donatists cannot be the true church, “because,” says he, “in them where is the propriety of the Catholic name; cooped up as they are in one little part of Africa, in one corner of a single country? Whereas the Church is Catholic or universal and is spread everywhere.” He shows by several texts of the prophets this universality to be one of the essential characteristics of the Church. He adds as other marks, its unity, sanctity, and the chair of Peter, “which,” says he, “is ours; and by this, it is plain that we possess its other prerogatives.” He adds; “Peter sat first in this chair, and was succeeded by Linus.” He names the bishops of Rome from him down to Siricius, “at this day.” says he, “united in our fraternity, in which the whole world agrees with us joined in one communion.
St. Optatus often speaks of the holy oil and chrism and relates that “certain Donatists also caused a bottle full of holy oil to be thrown out of a window on purpose to break it. Though it was cast down from a very high place, yet being supported by angels, it fell upon the stones without breaking.” He says, “that the furious Donatist mob broke down the altars, which the Catholics had made use of: “on which he writes as follows: “What hath Jesus Christ done to you,” says he to the Donatists, “that you should destroy the altars on which He rests? Why do ye break the sacred tables where Jesus Christ makes His abode? You have imitated the crime of the Jews; for as they put Jesus Christ to death upon the cross, so ye have beaten Him upon these altars.” He then objects to their ridiculous inconsistency: “All the faithful know,” says he, “that linen cloths are laid upon the altars for the celebration of the Holy Mysteries. The Eucharist does not touch the wood of the altars, but only the linen cloths. Why then do you break, why do you scrape, why do you burn the wood of the altar?
He passes to other accusations still more grievous and says: “You have also redoubled your sacrilege breaking the chalices which carried the Blood of Jesus Christ; you have melted them down to make ingots of gold and silver, which you have sold in the markets indifferently to every one that offered to buy them. O enormous crime! O unheard of impiety! The Holy Eucharist itself they threw to beasts, what could be more impious? Your bishops commanded the Eucharist to be thrown to the dogs, but presently visible tokens of the divine anger appeared; for the same dogs, being enraged, turned upon their masters, and with their avenging teeth, bit and tore those who were guilty of profaning the Holy Body!”
The saint also mentions with having compelled their sacred virgins to lay aside the veils which they wore, and the little mitres which they put upon their heads as signs or marks of their profession, and to wear mitres of another color, and another sort of linen.
Saint Optatus survived the year 384, but the time of his death is not known. >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Please think long on this last sentence of advice from the author of said article.

<<<<<<<<<<<Hence, the ancient fathers charge us not to make shipwreck of our faith. As we value our everlasting happiness and they took so many pains to point to the rocks upon which so many have split and to show the highway which Christ Himself has chalked out; which is His true Church. >>>>