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I Would Rather be! in 99-words

People are funny that way!
Noticing now in my prime,
when dreaming of what they would rather be doing.
The youth often thinks of something in the future—middle
age thinks of something in the present, and the very elderly
think of the past.
If I were ten, I would rather be swimming.
If I were sixteen, I would rather be flirting with the boys.
If I were thirty or forty, I would rather be on my vacation.
If I were sixty, I would rather be retired
If I were eighty-one or older, I would rather be done.

Cee's challenge, Whatsoever IS

Whatsoever is Lovely

This is my second time participating in this fairly new challenge known as:

Whatsoever is Lovely”

What Might be Lovelier than this!

Okay, I admit I am biased, this lovely is one of my many Grandchildren!

There have been many lovelies in my life this week. I bet you too have at least one or two to share with the world. This is the place to do just that. Click the link above, near the top of this post.

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